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Fixed Rate Conventional Loans.

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Needed Documents


Here is the list of items that I will need you to fax or email to me before our meeting (Everything must be clear and legible):

1. Drivers License or ID and Social Security card.
  • Resident Alien card - Front and back (if applicable).

  • Visa

2. Tax returns for previous 2 years complete with W-2s and all schedules. (Federal Forms Only - Must be signed on page 2)
  • All schedules included.

  • Also provide the corporate tax returns-if applicable.

  • 3 Years tax returns if using a city program or downpayment assistance program

  • Birth certificate or U.S. passport

3. Most recent month worth of paycheck stubs.
  • 3 months worth for city programs

4. Most recent 2 months (6 months for city programs) bank statements-all accounts, 401k statements, IRAs, etc....(All pages)
  • Mortgage statement, tax bill, hazard insurance declaration and HOA statement (if applicable).

  • Rental contracts for any properties owned (if applicable).

  • Landlords information and 12 months of cancelled checks.

Thank you so much and we look forward to meeting with you! Please call if you need directions or if you have any questions. If you can not locate ALL of the specified documents, please advise us so that we can reschedule your appointment. Please keep in mind that as the loan process continues, we will request new documentation from time to time, it is important to provide us with the requested paperwork. The quicker you provide required documentation, the faster we can clsoe your loan. You may provide all documentation via fax or email.

Thank you for your valued support and we look forward to helping you and your family reach the goal of homeownership.

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